Faith Promise Fruit

Last year, the Lord provided the opportunity for a few of our missionaries to train pastors in Pakistan. Having begun their training through remote online classes, these pastors were thankful for the chance to receive mentorship and encouragement from our missionaries in person. Our missionaries, too, were tremendously encouraged by their visit, as they saw firsthand how faithfully these Pakistani ministers are working to fulfill the Great Commission.

This visit also brought to their attention a need deeply felt among the Pakistani believers: the need for Bibles. Pastor M told our missionaries, “The Bible is restricted and even hated in this land. It is not readily available for everyone and is the biggest need of our nation. Many Christians living in remote areas are thousands of miles away from a Bible, and many underground churches have been waiting for years to have their own Bibles.”

After hearing of this compelling need, our elders decided to provide, through Faith Promise funds, 3,000 Bibles in the Urdu language. Those Bibles were received this past June by Pastor M and are being distributed through his church to other regional pastors. Pastor M stated, “Believers from underground churches and unreached places received the Bible with joy and tears. An elderly lady said, ‘I was praying and waiting for a Bible for the last 40 years.’ So, after 40 years, she finally received her very own Bible, sent by Grace Community Church. One underground church has had only one Bible for the last nine years. But now its members each have their own Bible.”

Efforts like this are made possible through our church’s generous giving. Thank you to all who faithfully support our missionaries and their ministries through Faith Promise. To learn more about Faith Promise or our ministry efforts in Pakistan and around the world, email To give, visit