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Ministry Partner: Tomasz Krazek

Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland

Tomasz and Iwonka Krazek (John)

In 2003, Tomasz married Iwonka, and soon after that, he was called to full-time ministry. He and Iwonka served in a church plant in a small, unreached town (Borne Sulinowo, Poland), where Tomasz later became the lead pastor. In the meantime, the Lord grew Tomasz's passion for strengthening and equipping the churches of Poland with proper training and resources, ultimately leading Tomasz to pursue more training for himself.

In 2011 Tomasz began a three-year MANT program at EBTC (TMAI). In January 2015, the Lord led the Krazeks to Washington D.C., where Tomasz served as a pastoral intern at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, and in August 2015 the Lord brought them to Los Angeles, where Tomasz began M.Div. studies at The Master's Seminary. He graduated with his degree from TMS in May 2017.

Description of Ministry

The Krazeks returned to Poland in February 2017. Tomasz currently serves as a pastor, working to develop a ministry that would promote a high view of Scripture, encourage a gospel-centered understanding of Christianity, train leaders, and equip the body of Christ in Poland.

Ministry Goals

  • Make Christ known among the people of Poland through faithful proclamation of the gospel.
  • Faithfully and lovingly pastor a local church in a way that might be a testimony to other local churches in the area.
  • Train Christian leaders for pastoral ministry, plant and revitalize churches, accurately handle Scripture, and preach the Word expositionally.
  • Organize conferences that would promote a high view of Scripture,  bring like-minded people together, and develop a network through which a training ministry could grow.
  • Provide sound resources through translation and writing.

Please Pray for Us

  • Pray that we would continue to entrust ourselves to the Lord as we transition back to Poland and plan the ministry there.
  • Pray that God would grant us wisdom and discernment as we make decisions regarding the future ministry.
  • Pray that we would be good stewards of the resources, time, and energy the Lord is giving us.

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Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland