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The past two years have been a refining season for the Church in its conviction to gather, and we are grateful that in this time God has continued to build and unify His church. As you know, Grace Community Church won its lawsuit against the county and state governments over the COVID mandates, which, in God’s sovereignty, set the precedent for other churches to open without restriction. In light of this monumental victory, Grace Productions has been working on a documentary celebrating God’s faithfulness to our church over the past few years.

The Essential Church is an upcoming feature-length documentary that traces the history of governmental assaults on the church, both ancient and modern. As we face this opposition today, this film will strengthen and encourage us to stand courageously as the body of Christ. Please consider supporting this project or spreading the word about its message. Christ, not Caesar is the Head of the church and He will be victorious.

If you’d like to give toward this important documentary project, please use the following form. Any funds donated above what is needed for The Essential Church will be used to continue to provide all Grace Productions content for free through the Grace Media streaming app, as well as to develop new content and resources to support and strengthen local churches.

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