Pastoral Training Seminary



The testimony of PTS students is that there are very few biblically sound institutions committed to preparing men for pastoral ministry in this country. There are many seminaries and Bible schools, but most are not committed to the inerrancy and authority of the Bible, nor do they embrace the priorities of expository preaching and developing pastoral shepherding in the local church.


  1. PTS's vision is to strengthen the church in this country by equipping hundreds of men who are committed to ministry as pastors and church planters.
  2. PTS trains men in the context of the absolute authority and sufficiency of God's Word.
  3. PTS equips men with the necessary study and ministry skills to effectively lead and shepherd the church by a thoroughly biblical philosophy of ministry.

Through their studies and ministry opportunities during the three-year program, all students serve in part-time ministry. They serve as Bible study teachers and evangelists.


Most PTS students are married with children. Some have savings by which they can partially provide for their family's needs, but since PTS's program is full-time, most will not be able to support their families while attending classes. Thus, the partnership with interested churches is critical. 


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