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David Robles

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Iglesia Evangelica de Leon

Ministry Partner: David Robles

León, Spain

David and Loida Robles

In 2004, after graduating from The Master's Seminary, David went back to his home country to serve in Iglesia Evangelica de Leon, Spain. Loida graduated from The Master's University with a degree in Biblical Counseling and serves in the church by leading and teaching in the women's ministry. She also leads an annual women conference. David's heart is to pastor God's people and train other men in Spain to do likewise (2 Timothy 2:2). In 2010, God allowed David to start Berea Seminary to equip pastors, elders, preachers, and church leaders in preaching Christ and His Word in this spiritually needy country. David also has a wide preaching and teaching ministry in Spain, other Spanish speaking countries, Europe and the States. David and Loida have three daughters: Abigail, Noa, and Sofía.


CHURCH STRENGTHENING: Shepherding, leadership training, preaching, and teaching God's Word in our local context as well as in other churches.

LEADERSHIP TRAINING: Equipping pastors to understand, explain, and apply the Word of God to preach Christ and establish biblical churches.

Current Ministry

IGLESIA EVANGÉLICA DE LEÓN: David serves in shepherding, preaching, leadership development, and counseling in Iglesia Evangelica de Leon. Although her main ministry is her family, Loida currently leads and teaches in the women’s ministry. She also leads an annual women conference. God has been growing the church spiritually and numerically, and by His grace recently move to a new facility. In an unprecedented way, the local government granted a piece of land in one of the finest and most strategic areas of the city. This property was miraculously given free of charge, and God has generously provided throughout the years the funds needed to complete it. In the Fall of 2019, we had our dedication where hundreds of people attended and most of them heard the true Gospel for the first time in their lives (including the city mayor and main representatives of the city).

BEREA BIBLICAL CONFERENCES AND SEMINARY: David serves as the founding president of Berea Seminary. Berea offers a modular program on Expository Preaching, as well as Bible and Theology. There are graduates and students from Spain, Portugal, France and North Africa, representing almost 50 local churches. Most of these students and graduates are pastors, preachers, elders, and church leaders. Berea Biblical Conferences host each year various conferences on biblical, theological, and pastoral issues to equip and edify many leaders and believers (more info: Berea Training Ministry).

PREACHING AND TEACHING MINISTRY: David also has a wide preaching and teaching ministry throughout Spain, other Spanish speaking countries, Europe and the States.

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León, Spain