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Ministry Partner: Richard Peskett

Nelspruit, South Africa

Nelspruit, South Africa

Nelspruit is in the east of South Africa, close to the Mozambique and Swaziland borders. It is a growing city with a rich mixture of cultures and languages.

Richard and Telda moved to Nelspruit in 2015 following a request from several people for an English-speaking church which had a high view of God and His Word. Most of the local churches around Nelspruit do not teach the Bible faithfully – much of what comes out of the local pulpits is based on dreams and prophecies, mixed with just about anything that works to provide an income for the pastor. African traditional religion, Word of Faith teaching, superstition and racism abound. We are thankful to be able to bring God’s Word to Nelspruit.

At present Richard ministers in English, but as he has become increasingly aware of the multitudes in and around Nelspruit who are lost and don’t speak good English, he hopes to learn Swati. We are adopting Andrew and Tyler, which gives Richard an ideal opportunity to learn the language with them.

In our church planting we prayerfully focus on the following, with the ultimate goal of exalting our Lord Jesus Christ.

• To teach and preach the Word of God faithfully and thereby establish Nelspruit Bible Church, to God’s glory.
• To train men to be godly husbands and leaders in the church.
• To bring the gospel of Christ to the lost in and around Nelspruit.

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Nelspruit, South Africa