The Expositor: The Life and Preaching of John MacArthur

When we launched The MacArthur Center for Expository Preaching at The Master’s Seminary, we dedicated season one of our flagship podcast to the remarkable, providential story of Pastor John’s preaching ministry.

This documentary-style season traces John’s history here at Grace Church, starting with the first sermon he preached on this campus in November of 1968. It looks at his commitment to study, his unshakeable belief in the power of God’s Word, and the style of preaching he’s had for more than five decades. Along the way, there are stories about a two-lane Alabama highway, what John and Patricia remember about February 9, 1969, John’s first Sunday as the pastor of Grace Church, and how suffering shaped John’s ministry. 

Throughout this season, you’ll hear familiar voices like Phil Johnson, Nathan Busenitz, Steve Lawson, and our director of security, Tom Hatter, to name a few. You’ll also hear from well-known historians, authors, and theologians who help us tell the story of John’s ministry, both in its setting here at Grace Church, and within its broader historical and cultural context.

Of course, there are more chapters to write in the life and preaching of John MacArthur. He continues, with unshakeable resolve, to carry out the weighty task of verse-by-verse exposition. So even as we chronicle God’s providence over the past 50 plus years, we eagerly anticipate what the Lord will do in the coming years. 

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