TheoTech 2021: God, Technology, and Man

Saturday, October 30, 2021 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Join us for an innovative day exploring technology from the standpoint of biblical theology.

What did God intend in creating the earth and supplying it abundantly with raw materials so that humans could build technology?
What did He mean when He said to Adam and Eve “subdue the earth”?
Why did He make us small and give us genius and raw materials with which to build machines to increase our power over the earth rather than making us 30 feet tall?

This is a theme that is surprisingly rare in Christian circles but shouldn’t be. We live in a technology-laden age now more than ever. Perhaps the main reason such discussion is so rare is the widespread loss in Christian circles of a firm belief in the Genesis account of creation. If God created the world, then told humans to subdue and have dominion over it, it’s clear innovating and manufacturing technology is a part of His original design for the human race. Because of our strong biblical culture at TMU, this conference will develop an original and powerful line of scholarship and thought-leadership around technology as a theological enterprise that fulfills God’s original pre-fall command to and design for human activity.

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