VBS 2017 Highlights

Mining the Gold of Scripture

If Grace Community Church is known for anything, it's our love for the Word of God. This past week, Children's Ministry hosted a Vacation Bible School where we had the opportunity to show that love tangibly by ministering to more than 900 children. With the help of many gifted volunteers, we transformed our campus into an Old West mining town where these students enjoyed music, games, crafts, and teaching, all centered around the importance of "Mining the Gold of Scripture." What a joy it was to see members of our church family of all ages—from junior highers on up—pass their love for God's Word on to the next generation.

Framed by an ongoing, evangelistic gospel presentation, we learned that God's Word always tells the truth, and that it gives instruction about God, man, and how we ought to live our lives. We also learned that obeying God's Word makes one wise, and that wisdom leads to reward from God. Our goal in all the lessons and activities was to demonstrate how God's Word shows us our need for a Savior and helps Christians grow in their relationship with Him.

We're especially excited that around a quarter of the children who attended came as guests to our VBS. These friends and neighbors heard the gospel articulated clearly each day, and they also saw the gospel lived out faithfully by the more than 300 volunteers who served during the week. Our prayer has been and continues to be that God would be honored as we make His name known among these young people.

Check out these exciting video highlights from Vacation Bible School 2017. For more information visit gracechurch.org/vbs.

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