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Miska Wilhelmsson

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Ministry Partner: Miska Wilhelmsson

Tampere, Finland

Miska and Alison Wilhelmsson

Miska grew up in Vaasa (Finland), and became a believer when he was eighteen. Soon after, in 2008, he moved to Tampere (Finland) to be a part of the fellowship at Grace Baptist Church (then known as ‘International Baptist Church’). While serving at GBC, Miska's desire for pastoral ministry and the church's recognition of that became clearer. After meeting his wife, Alison (from England), and living in Wales for two years, the Wilhelmssons were finally able to come and attend The Master's Seminary in 2014. Coming to TMS was a dream come true. Miska is now the first Finnish graduate of TMS and, Lord willing, not the last.
After graduating with his M.Div., Miska and Alison (together with their boys, Jeremiah, Simeon, and Zakarias) have returned to Finland for gospel ministry.
The Wilhelmssons returned to Tampere, Finland in July 2017. Miska is thankful to God for the opportunity to serve in pastoral ministry at his home church (GBC Tampere). Due to challenges of ministry in Finland and a low number of church members, Grace Baptist Tampere is not yet a fully self-sustaining church, and therefore unable to financially support a pastor. Thankfully the church is able to cover all the meeting place costs.

Ministry goals

  • To serve in pastoral ministry at Grace Baptist Church Tampere.
  • To help in publishing biblically sound material in Finnish.
  • To invest in the training of national pastors in Finland, with the possibility of starting a pastoral training center.

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