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Marty & Patricia Wolf

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Marty and Pat have been serving as Grace Church missionaries since 1978. They take part in a active ministry to the Jewish Community through The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry Inc.

Marty's Jewish upbringing, both at home and in the synagogue, gave him a reverence for the Holy Scriptures. When he was twenty-one, he discovered the New Testament linked the names of David and Abraham with Jesus Christ (Matthew 1:1). In an attempt to "prove" Jesus wasn't the Messiah, he began to search the Old Testament Scriptures. Instead, God's Word accomplished its purpose (Isaiah 55:11), and he found peace and forgiveness by believing in Messiah Jesus as his Savior and Lord.

Pat was raised in a church where emotions rather than God's Word were emphasized. It was as an adult, while attending a Bible-teaching church, that she really understood the gospel and put her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Marty and Pat's ministry includes personal contact with Jewish people, Bible studies, conducting Jewish-Christian fellowships, counseling, and following up on referrals from Christians. Marty is also available for Prophecy and Missions Conferences, Jewish Awareness Seminars, Passover Seders, as well as for pulpit ministry.

The Wolfs are Grace Community Church missionaries who use Friends of Israel as their sending agency. To financially support them please contact Friends of Israel directly.

Friends of Israel
P.O. Box 908
Bellmawr, NJ 08099
(800) 257-7843


  • Reaching Jewish people with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and edifying and encouraging Bible-teaching churches.

Current Ministry:

  • Pray for our monthly "Root and Branch" Fellowship.
  • Pray for an Israeli friend who is "open" to the Gospel.


United States