Twenty-Twenty Vision: Doctrinal Clarity for a Confused Generation

At the Battle of Balaclava, in 1854, the Imperial Russian Army overran and captured a Turkish artillery position. From his high vantage point over the battlefield, British commander Lord Raglan, allied to the Turks, saw both the danger posed by the capture of the heavy guns and the Russian’s vulnerable state in recovering them. In response, Raglan ordered his light cavalry, unarmored and trained for rapid strikes, to charge the Russian position.

But Lord Raglan’s orders were gravely misinterpreted. When the commander of the Light Brigade asked which artillery position to charge, the messenger, instead of pointing out the defenseless troops gathering the Turkish guns, vaguely waved his arm in the direction of the Russians’ most fortified position at the end of a valley, almost a mile away.

The cavalrymen of the Light Brigade (immortalized in Tennyson’s poem, “The Charge of the Light Brigade”) charged into a valley of certain death, in strict obedience to the message they received.

If clarity is a matter of life and death, then doctrinal clarity is a matter of spiritual life and death. God’s message has been communicated clearly in His Word, and His messengers are responsible for the clear and unambiguous proclamation of that message. The consequences for a lack of precision in doctrine may be eternally fatal.

To encourage and equip pastors from around the world to remain committed to preaching and shepherding with doctrinal clarity, this year’s Shepherds’ Conference theme is Twenty-Twenty Vision: Doctrinal Clarity for a Confused Generation.

Volunteering for Shepherds’ Conference 2020, March 4–6, is an opportunity for our church members to join in this ministry to Christ’s under-shepherds, and to thereby have a worldwide impact on Christ’s church.

Please prayerfully seek the Lord’s direction about how you might serve in this ministry in March. Volunteer registration begins on January 5, with sign-ups on the patio after both morning services. Registration will close on January 19, and a mandatory volunteer meeting will take place the following Sunday, January 26.

Most importantly, please pray that this conference would honor Jesus Christ by equipping each attendee with a commitment to doctrinal clarity in service of Christ and His Church.

Important Info for Volunteers

  • All volunteers must be members of Grace Community Church in order to serve.
  • The 2020 conference is a three-day conference, so it will run from Wednesday, March 4, through Friday, March 6.
  • Patio registration begins on January 5 for first-time volunteers. Returning volunteers will be able to sign up online.
  • The deadline for signing up to volunteer is January 19.
  • There will be a Volunteer Prayer Meeting on Sunday, January 26, in the Family Center from 12:30–2:00 p.m. This meeting is important for all volunteers to attend.