Servants for Christ Signups

The Juniors "Servants for Christ" (SFC) program is a ministry opportunity for 5th & 6th grade students to assist teachers in the Sunday School classrooms of Grace Community Church. Giving young people an opportunity to serve in this capacity can stimulate spiritual growth and help them develop an appetite for ministry. It is also a benefit to our Sunday School teachers, as Servants for Christ assist with managing their classroom by playing with younger children, setting up crafts, serving snacks, setting an example with singing, and other helpful tasks.

Filling out this form lets us know that your child is interested in becoming a Servant for Christ and will help us communicate with you about the process. Please note that due to a limited number of serving positions, not everyone who applies will be selected to serve.

In order to ensure that an SFC will be a benefit to Sunday School teachers, we look for kids who show themselves to be a positive example in Juniors. If they are a positive example in Juniors, we can trust they will be a positive example in a classroom. Here are some specific things we look for:

  • Being respectful to leaders and other kids in Juniors.
  • Showing responsible behavior during free time.
  • Taking notes consistently during the teaching.
  • Singing with the class during our time of music.
  • Actively involved with discussion during small group.

If selected to serve, you will receive a Parent Letter providing more details about the program and verifying your consent. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

All families will be contacted by the end of April whether there is a SFC position available or not. If there is a position match for your child, you will receive a notice on attending the SFC parent and student meetings which will take place in early May. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

Contact Information

Jon Kaya - SFC Coordinator

Dave Rojas - Juniors Lay-leader