Helpful Books

Take a look at these book recommendations for caretakers on the topic of Alzheimer's-Dementia. For book availability and pricing, call Grace Books at 800-472-2315 or visit


Dementia Caregiving from a Biblical Perspective by Dorothy Gable


The author was the primary caregiver for her mother.Sharing their journey together she relates her desire and commitment to provide the most pleasant life possible for her mom.After her mom wentto heaven, Mrs. Gable turned her experience into a valuable tool for those of us embarking on, or in the middle of a caregiving journey with a loved one.As a Christian woman, she chose to care for her mom with attitudes and actions based on God’s “care plan”,as revealed in His Word, for those who need our help. This book is easily readable, highly footnoted, and filled with personal illustrations (including others' stories) and medical explanations in layman’s terms.Pertinent scriptures are sprinkled throughout.The entire journey is covered, starting with a comparison of normal brain aging vs dementia, all the way through to the end of life. (225 pages)

A Promise Kept by Robertson McQuilkin


This book tells the true story of a man who left his career to care for his wife. Robertson’s love for his wife is a beautiful picture of Christ's love for His church—he saw it as a privilege to love his wife in sickness as well as in health, and this book offers an encouraging account of faithfulness in the midst of life’s storms. (112 pages)

Help! Someone I Love Has Alzheimer’s by Deborah Howard and Judy Howe

From a personal perspective, Deborah Howard briefly explains the physiological changes to expect when dealing with Alzheimer’s—warning signs, how it's diagnosed, the stages, and the treatments; practical suggestions for caregivers; as well as necessary qualities to cultivate. The booklet concludes with a section on trusting God in the midst of adversity. (64 pages)

Trusting God by Jerry Bridges

“…even when life hurts.” Trusting God during the painful trials and losses in this life depends on how well someone knows Him and His sovereign power over all things, large and small. This book provides an encouraging reminder that God’s power can never be separated from His perfect love. (215 pages)

Wear Comfortable Shoes by Peter Rosenberger

In this book, Peter Rosenberger shares about caring for his wife, Gracie, who has no legs. From a Christian perspective, he addresses all the areas of a caregiver's life that are affected—health, emotions, lifestyle, profession, money, and endurance. Throughout the book, Rosenberger also outlines a helpful reminder system for busy caregivers. (168 pages)

Blame It on the Brain by Edward Welch

This book offers a biblical perspective on many different brain conditions, including Alzheimer’s Disease. Synthesizing medical concerns with principles from Scripture, Edward Welch offers a thoroughly researched and well-balanced consideration of mental illness. (204 pages)

The 36-Hour Day by Nancy Mace and Peter Rabins

Similar to an encyclopedia, this book covers everything from legal issues to physiological changes involved in caring for those with mental illness. Many physicians give this book to newly diagnosed dementia patients. (512 pages)

The Cup and the Glory Dr. Greg Harris

The “cup” of suffering is linked to the “glories” to come, and this book traces that theme through Scripture. Dr. Harris’s address of this subject was heavily motivated by his own experience of suffering. Contrary to popular belief, the Bible says that the path to glory is laced with suffering—but the benefits are amazing. (170 pages)

I Care: A Handbook for Care Partners of People with Dementia by Jennifer Brush and Kerry Mills

In this book, the authors approach caregiving as "partnering" so that both the caregiver and the loved one are fulfilled by giving and receiving, learning and helping together. (176 pages)

Memory Books and Other Graphic Cuing Systems by Michelle Bourgeois

This book provides a collection of practical ideas and resources for creating memory aides, and it includes good illustrations and examples. (128 pages)

My Journal into Alzheimer’s Disease by Robert Davis

Pastor Robert Davis stepped away from preaching, counseling, and shepherding after being diagnosed with “early-onset” Alzheimer’s in his fifties. In this book, Davis shares his spiritual perspective in the early to middle stages of his journey (with the help of his wife). (140 pages)