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Cesare and Melissa have served in Children's Ministry since 2014. Cesare has been an intern for six years and has served in various roles—he has taught in many different Sunday School classes (3-year-olds, Grade 2, Grade 3), lead two Sunday night programs (Discovery and Adventure Club), and has been involved in many other Children’s Ministry events including VBS, Plaza Fellowships, and Juniors Winter Camp. Cesare also shepherds a Children's Ministry Bible study in Agua Dulce, where he regularly teaches God’s Word.

Cesare and Melissa hope to return to Rome, Italy, in the summer of 2021. Once there, they will join an existing church that is partnering with the Italian Theological Academy (ITA), a member school of The Master’s Academy International. In the church, Cesare will be involved in teaching and preaching as well as discipling other young men and couples. Cesare's main focus will be serving as a full-time professor and academic coordinator for the ITA, where he will train men and women from all over Italy for ministry in the local church.

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Getting to Know Our Missionaries - Cesare and Melissa Albanesi


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Cesare Albanesi

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