Wish You Were Here!

Summertime always brings a myriad of pictures to our minds. Snapshots of kids diving into pools, waves crashing on the beach, smoking grills at sunset, and even our evening Plaza Fellowships here at Grace Church remind us of summer and the opportunity for some good, old-fashioned recreation. It’s during this time of year that we see social media come alive with virtual postcards of smiling faces as loved ones wave their arms in front of grand waterfalls or nighttime luaus with the caption, “Wish You Were Here!” tucked neatly beneath. Regardless, whether it’s a vacation abroad or a staycation at home, people at Grace Church love to use the summertime as a way to bring some needed variety and focused family time into what can feel like a somewhat routine schedule.

As fun and exciting as summertime is for many of us, for some people in our church, this time of year is indistinguishable from any other season. In fact, there are some saints among us who rarely get the opportunity to ever leave their homes. It’s not that they wouldn’t like to visit Yellowstone Park or Zuma beach; it’s just that, because of some kind of limitation, they can’t. I’m speaking of our homebound saints; those dear folks who used to worship with us every Sunday morning, attend weekly Bible studies and enjoy other church activities, but now because of either injury, illness, or issues related to their time of life, they only fellowship with us through our livestream ministry.

For them, every summer vacation is a staycation in the most literal of ways. That’s why Congregational Care at Grace Church started what we call a “Postcard” ministry for those who don’t have the opportunity to leave their homes. The idea behind this ministry is simple; wherever you go this summer, whether it’s across the ocean or across the way, we hope you’ll consider including our homebound saints in your trip by sending them a postcard with some encouraging words. Let them know that you “wish they were here,” and write them a prayer that you and your loved ones have offered unto God on their behalf. All you have to do is bring your postcard to the reception desk this summer on Sunday morning (or during the week) and we’ll make sure they get it. Help us make this summertime a wonderful time for our homebound believers!