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European Bible Training Center

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What is the EBTC?

The European Bible Training Center (EBTC) is a bi-vocational Bible School. Serving the church by equipping disciples for life is our mission. 
The Bible School started out in 2001 with GMI Missionaries reviving expository preaching in the land of the Reformation.
The EBTC focuses on three eternal values that will have a lasting impact on this and future generations! 
  • We teach the inerrant, authoritative and all-sufficient Word of God in an expository way. All programs of the EBTC are essentially focused on the Word of God and its application to everyday life. 
  • We focus on training God’s people to become all that they need to be, for the work of the ministry in the local church in order to fulfil the great commission.
  • We help existing churches by equipping their disciples, but we also focus on planting new churches in order to fulfil the Great Commission.



The one-year Bible Survey Program is designed to equip believers to study the Bible so that they can be strengthened in their faith and in their relationship with God. Through class lectures and homework, students gain an important overview of God’s Word including the big ideas, the structure, and the literary form of each book.
The following one-year Profitable Bible Study Program builds upon the Bible Survey year in preparation for the EBTC’s Preachers’ Institute, Biblical Counseling Program or Music Ministry. 
Throughout this course, students will learn how to (1) apply the three-fold approach of Observation, Interpretation and Application (2) live accordingly, and (3) teach others from the Word – in their quiet time, in their families, at Sunday school, in kids and youth ministry or in small groups.
The two-year Biblical Counseling program is geared towards regular church members who desire to grow in their ability to disciple others. It exists to advance the ministry of practical biblical counseling in the church and provide support for this very important work.
The Expository Preacher’s Institute is open to Christian men who seek to serve the church as teachers and preachers. This two-year program is designed to equip them for pastoral service and leadership, the emphasis being placed on how to preach biblically! 
The one-year Music Ministry is provided to men and women who seek to have a biblical understanding of music in the church. This program aims to raise a generation of theologically sound musicians that will influence their local church music ministry, as well as raise the next generation of theologically sound musicians within their own ranks.


GMI-Missionaries serving and teaching at EBTC

Christian & Sheryl Andresen
Martin & Gabi Manten
Marco & Katrina Bartholomae


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