A High View of God

Whether this is your first Sunday or you have been part of our church family for years, our hope is that you would know what distinguishes us as a church. It isn’t the relationships we enjoy with our brothers and sisters in Christ, and it isn’t the variety of fellowship groups that meet on Sunday mornings. It’s not even our beautiful campus. Although all of these are wonderful blessings that enhance our ministry, they are not what define our purpose or calling. Ultimately, it is God’s truth that informs everything we do at Grace Church. In every pulpit, classroom, and small group, God’s Word is exalted here.

Last month we welcomed forty-five new members who each completed a survey of the biblical realities that form our church’s foundation. One of the most crucial of those realities is that we have a high view of God because we know who He is. Our God is holy (Isaiah 6:3, 43:15); our God is righteous (Psalm 71:19; Deuteronomy 32:4); our God is just (Psalm 97-8, Romans 12:19). He is the One who defines good and bad, right and wrong, and man’s purpose in the world (Isaiah 43:7). As believers, this high view of God compels us to be more like Christ, and drives us to pursue holiness and sanctification in our lives.

A high view of God is imperative because without it, we fall easily into a toleration of sin. When we don’t exalt God in our worship, we jeopardize the purity of the church and dim the light God designed His body to be in the world; we unconsciously replace God with man as the focus and reason to gather on the Lord’s Day. A church with a low view of God eventually becomes a man-centered ministry where glorifying God is an afterthought.

Here at Grace Church, our high view of God is displayed in our preaching. It fills the content of our music, and influences the substance of our programs. It is the motivation and focus of our outreach. As A.W. Tozer said, “Always the most revealing thing about the Church is her idea of God.”

If you are interested in being part of a church that holds a high view of God and His Word, we invite you to visit the Member Center after any Sunday Service or visit gracechurch.org/membership. Come let us exalt our great God together!