What is Membership at Grace Community Church?

Membership is a commitment to formally identify with and faithfully invest one’s life in the church through joyful participation, active service, and regular attendance. It signifies a willingness to submit to the authority of the elders and pastors (Hebrews 13:17), and it includes a pledge to love, encourage, teach, admonish, comfort, and exhort one another with a desire to see each one grow in godliness and Christian maturity. Finally, it represents a responsibility to invest one’s time, energies, and resources into the progress of the gospel. For more information about becoming a member of Grace Community Church, please visit our Membership Class page.

Can I be an online member?

Membership is for those who can faithfully commit to assembling with the local body of believers here on Roscoe Boulevard, in Sun Valley, California. We believe that membership requires a commitment to serve and edify one another, which is impossible to do if you can’t be here in person. We anticipate the day when the universal church will worship Christ together, but until then we ask that you find a local church where you can joyfully serve and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord.

Is baptism required for membership at Grace Community Church?

Yes. Jesus commands that all believers are to be baptized, and to disobey this command displays a lack of submission to Christ and His church. Also, baptism is always closely connected with membership in the New Testament. Both go together, so only baptized believers are eligible to become members at Grace Church. For more answers to questions about baptism, please visit our Baptism FAQ page.

What is Fundamentals of the Faith?

This class is a 22-week course designed to teach the basic doctrines of the Bible. Though it is accessible for those who are new believers, it serves as a helpful review and a fresh encouragement for even the most seasoned saints. FOF classes are held throughout the year, and each new class starts based on sign-ups. If you are interested in signing up for FOF, or would just like more information, please stop by the patio table on Sunday morning or give us a call at 818-909-5721 during the week.

How can I become involved in a fellowship group?

Each fellowship group has its own leadership team composed of pastors and elders committed to teaching and investing in the lives of their flocks. Every Sunday morning, each group meets for a time of teaching, worship, and fellowship, and throughout the week, they break into smaller, regional Bible studies where people come together for an even more focused time around God’s Word. The relationships that form at this level grow from close, consistent communion with other believers, and come with opportunities to show the kind of self-denying love and service the church was designed to display. For information on meeting times and locations, visit our Adult Fellowship Groups page.

How can I find a Bible study in my area?

Grace Church’s home Bible studies are an extension of our fellowship groups, which meet on Sunday mornings for Bible teaching, worship, and fellowship. Please visit the Home Bible Studies page for more information.

How can I find a church like Grace Church in my area?

Graduates from The Master’s Seminary serve in churches and training centers around the world. To locate sound biblical churches and connect with TMS alumni, visit tms.edu/find-a-church.

What does Grace Church believe?

You can read and download Grace Church's doctrinal statement on What We Teach page.

How can I contact Grace Church?

For contact information and our ministry directory please visit the Contact Us page.