Membership Matters

What an encouragement the last few months have been as many brothers and sisters in Christ have joined our church in membership. You may be curious as to why anyone would join a church. Or perhaps you recognize some of the confusion surrounding the motivation for becoming a member at a church.

Of the many biblical reasons for church membership, Hebrews 10:24–25 is perhaps the most compelling. The encouragement that is both given and received in the local church is essential to our growth. God designed the church to be a source of accountability to persevere in our faith. Our new members know this and recognize that they are joining a church where the members take seriously the responsibility to love, encourage, and edify one another until Christ returns. Listen to the testimony from one of our newest members.

Before coming to Grace Community Church, my family and I were members of another healthy church in the Santa Clarita Valley—a body of believers whom we still love and pray for. Since our church at that time did not have a Sunday evening service, we would come down to Grace on Sunday nights, and our children would attend Adventure Club. We were shocked at what our kids came home with…new songs they would sing around the house, new excitement over Scripture stories, a desire to commit Bible verses to memory. The intentionality of the Children’s programs, and the ensuing fruit in the lives of our children, obviously brought tremendous joy to our hearts as Christian parents.

Around the same time, my wife and I realized that throughout the week we were feeding on a steady diet of teaching from Dr. MacArthur and many of the other pastors of Grace Community Church. We were learning so much from these godly men and were continually drawn back to the depth of instruction from the Word of God that we were receiving. Ultimately, we felt the Lord was leading us to make a transition where our family would be positioned to sit under Dr. MacArthur’s ministry and benefit from this caliber of teaching week in and week out. In our short time as members, the teaching at GCC has proven to be what we expected: both incredibly sanctifying and deeply enriching.

We already enjoy many rich relationships (family and friends) at Grace Community Church, and for that, we are extremely grateful to the Lord. We hope to sacrificially love and serve the Church as Christ calls us to, and we are looking forward to growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord alongside the other beloved members of GCC!

—Brett Zamroz, New Member

God’s Word consistently describes both the joys and the struggles of following Christ (Luke 15:7, James 1:2, 1 Peter 1:8). The difficulties are lessened, and the joys enriched when we commit ourselves to live in the family of God. God’s instruction isn’t to be isolated, but rather faithfully committed to the church for our good and His glory.

If you have not yet become a member of Grace Church, consider the benefits you’re missing. You can begin the process today by visiting the Member Center after either morning service.