VBS Online Day 4

Welcome to VBS Day 4!

The week will conclude on Sunday evening with an outdoor Family Concert on our church campus. We are excited to see how the Lord will use this program to encourage you and your family, and we eagerly anticipate joining together on July 26 for a joyous time of outdoor music, fellowship, food, and fun!

Ranger Joe | Music | Lesson | Discussion Questions | Craft

VBS Day 4: Adventures with Ranger Joe

VBS Day 4: Music

Savior - Seeds Family Worship
10,000 Reasons - Matt Redman
Full Armor of God - GC Kids
My Heart Is Filled With Thankfulness - Gettys

VBS Day 4: Lesson

VBS Day 4: Discussion Questions

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1. Why do people need salvation?

  1. Because we are all sinners
  2. Because we don’t drink enough water
  3. We don’t need salvation
  4. The ocean is salty

2. Who provides salvation?

  1. The president
  2. A group of good people 
  3. The church 
  4. God

3. What do we need in order to be saved?

  1. We need to be more good than bad
  2. We need grace
  3. Pigs need to fly
  4. People need to be on Mars

4. How can it be right for God to forgive repentant sinners?

  1. Because He’s nice
  2. Because He’s allowed
  3. Because His Son took their punishment 
  4. Because He doesn’t know about it

5. What do we need to do to receive salvation?

  1. Repent and believe
  2. Hope for the best
  3. Obey our parents
  4. Come to VBS

VBS Day 4: Craft

Instructions Template

And We Proclaim Him
(1st - 4th grade)

  1. Loop the string through one of the black beads twice, leaving 2–3 inches of string for tying later. (This secures the bead.)
  2. Tape the string to a table to hold it while you finish stringing.
  3. Add the rest of the beads to your string in this pattern: black, compass charm, black, black, red, red, red, white, white, white, yellow, yellow, yellow
  4. After the last yellow bead, loop the string back through that bead, again leaving 2–3 inches of extra string.
  5. Now you can tie the bracelet onto your wrist.

And We Proclaim Him
(5th - 6th grade)

  1. Decide on a game board design. (Keep in mind that the images need to be glued on in order, and that the game should begin and end at same space.) Think: Monopoly style? Chutes and Ladders? Candyland? You decide.
  2. Draw your game board.
  3. Glue the images around your game board in order.
  4. Decorate your playing pieces.

To play, you will need:  1 die, 1 playing piece, and 10 coins for each player.
Object: To lose all your money, and be the first to make it home.

VBS Craft Supply List