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Daniel Corral

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Iglesia Evangelica de Leon

Ministry Partner: Daniel Corral

Pontevedra, Spain

Daniel & Deborah Corral

As soon as I finished my MDiv at TMS (2017), my wife, Aida, and I headed back to our home church in Madrid. But God made clear He had other plants for us. As we were about to start a new church plant, Aida was diagnosed with breast cancer (May 2019). After a long medical battle, Aida was given a clean bill of health in January 2020. We praised God and got our minds and prayers back into the church plant. But as I was attending Shepherds Conference 2020, I got a phone call that Aida was rushed into the ER. Twelve hours later, Aida was in glory with Christ. Praise God for His sovereign and perfect plan (Psalm 139:16). He is never wrong. He is good and does good (Psalm 119:68).

Church planting came not to be an option. Our kids, Marcos (2004), Olimpia (2007), Mateo (2016), and Alexia (2017), needed to be shepherded through our grief. So, I prayed with other men and the Lord brought us to Pontevedra (NW of Spain) in September 2020 to a church where the Lord, through pastor Jonathan Recamán (a fellow Berea Seminary professor and good friend,) shepherded us as a family. I am now preaching and teaching in our local church (Pontevedra), as well as other likeminded churches in the area and along Spain. Preaching and teaching is my call, which I love.

I am also training men at Seminario Berea, located in Leon (4-hour drive from Pontevedra). I serve as a professor and mentor. We currently have students from Spain, Portugal, France, and Germany. Most of them are pastors or they fill some preaching duties. We train preachers to serve the local church in Spain to preach the Word accurately for the glory of God.

As a family, the Lord blessed us with Deborah, whom I married on October 13, 2023. She is a blessing to us all, and she enjoys her role as homemaker. She also plays the piano, helps the multimedia team, and serves as Sunday school teacher at our church in Pontevedra. God has blessed us again when He didn’t have to. Praise God!

If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us at: dcorral@gracechurch.org

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Pontevedra, Spain