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  • Sundays in July

All work is a reflection of being made in the image of God, but when a Christian works it is a reflection of being made new in the image of Christ. The believer’s work is worthy and enjoyable because it is from the Lord and for the Lord.

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Un argumento Petrino que se observa desde Hechos 2, citando contextualmente pasajes del salterio y reafirmando la expectativa de un futuro reino físico-terrenal.

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When Jesus arrived in the world, He fulfilled thousands of years of expectations set by Old Testament Prophets. We will look specifically at one of these prophets, Zechariah, and the glorious vision of Christ the Messiah that he presents.

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Life is full of decisions, and we make those decisions in light of the providence and imperatives of God. This seminar will explore biblical instructions about how to make decisions and how to think about past decisions.

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Lyman Beecher was a dominant force in American religion in the first half of the nineteenth century. One of his sons, Henry Ward Beecher, was the most famous man in America in the second half of that century; his daughter, Harriet Beecher Stowe, was the leading female author of her time; and several other Beechers achieved fame and influence in their own lifetimes. We will discuss how this family's ideas and idiosyncrasies continue to dominate American evangelicalism.

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Un vistazo panorámico al escenario elegido por Dios para el cumplimiento de acontecimientos descritos en la Biblia como recordatorio de su perfecto plan redentor.

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Contemporary society’s obsession over what one “identifies” as is rooted in an anti-biblical doctrine of man. It has never been more important to find our identity in what God says we are as His image-bearers, and that identity begins with creation and the historical Adam—two biblical doctrines under incessant attack from today’s culture.

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Pursuing Beauty

Selected Scriptures | 7/25/2021

Sundays in July | Sundays in July 2021

The Necessary Path for Developing Courage

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Patterning Our Parenting After Our Heavenly Father

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Aging Gracefully

Jon Scott | Selected Scriptures | 7/25/2021

Sundays in July | Sundays in July 2021

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