Recent Sermons

The Light of the World

Steven J Lawson | Matthew 5:14–16 | 5/23/2024


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Hechos 5

Selected Scriptures | 5/21/2024

Unidas en Cristo | Series: Hechos de los Apóstoles

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Wisdom Speaking

Bill Shannon | Ecclesiastes 12:9–14 | 5/20/2024

Women Walking Wisely | Series: Living Life Backwards

Please note, due to technical difficulties, this recording skips brief portions of audio.

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Message The Minister Who Became a Missionary: The Life of Paul, Part 2
Nathan Busenitz • May 19, 2024

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Message Today and Forever: Proper and Perpetual Praise
Harry Walls • Revelation 7:12

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Check In With Your Soul

Austin Duncan | Proverbs 15 | 5/19/2024

Crossroads | Series: Proverbs

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