Media FAQ

When will sermons and/or videos be available?

Services are usually made available within a week on the Lord's Day Services series, but not all services are able to be posted online. For a full archive of past available sermons, visit the Grace Pulpit sermons page.

How can I find Pastor John's most recent sermon?

Grace to You is the nonprofit organization responsible for developing, producing, and distributing John MacArthur's books, audio resources, and the "Grace to You" radio and television programs. We will post a link to Pastor John's most recent sermon once it becomes available on the GTY site. Please direct any questions about Dr. MacArthur's teachings to GTY by calling 800-554-7223 or emailing

Why is the livestream not working?

If you see a black screen instead of the live video stream, please check that media content is not blocked by an ad-blocker, firewall, or being filtered on your local network. If you are running an ad-blocker on your browser, try exempting domain pages. If you are watching at a school or in a corporate environment, it is possible that a firewall or content filter is blocking the media content. For mobile viewing do not use private browsing mode on Safari on iOS. Use Wi-Fi rather than 3G or 4G connection whenever possible.
You may also try selecting the English (Alternate Player) by changing the livestream in the bottom right of the player. If you continue to experience issues, try a different browser and make sure your internet is connected. We also have livestream available on Facebook live. If the livestream is still not working, we may be having technical issues on our side.

How can I watch the livestream on my TV?

For a smart TV:
1. Try Airplay for Apple devices or Chromecast for Google and Android devices
2. The Facebook Video app is available for most TV platforms such as Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV (4th generation or newer), Android TV, etc. Go to the app store for your television platform, and download the Facebook Watch TV app. Log in with your Facebook account information, and verify your account.