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Mexico City, Mexico

Ministry in Mexico

General information:

For the last several years, we have witnessed an unprecedented spiritual revival among Christian churches in Mexico. Many evangelical churches that used to teach Pentecostal theology and man centered doctrines (i.e. prosperity gospel, Arminianism, etc.) have awakened and are now in hunger for sound doctrine and biblical teaching.

After seeing what God has been doing in Mexico City, the Lord has placed in our hearts an overwhelming desire to be part of such wonderful revival and awakening. Our commitment with the Lord is not only to train men through the Seminary Bíblico Palabra de Gracia (SBPG), Word of Grace Bible Seminary, but also to shepherd, love, and serve, the people in our home church, as we assist in any way possible the elders from Iglesia Cristiana Remanente (Remnant Christian Church).

May our Lord Jesus Christ be honored and glorified as we serve Him through our lives, and through our ministry.

Ministry Goals:

  • To assist the local church, senior pastor, and elder board.
  • To shepherd, love, and care for the people in our home church.
  • To teach and train men at SBPG, and to disciple and prepare men at our home church through our Bible program, Logos Institute (in process).

Ministry and Seminary updates:

  • Serving at the Spanish ministry in music, home Bible study, and adult Sunday School.
  • Finishing our last semester of seminary (Th.M. in New Testament).

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Mexico City, Mexico