Greg & Traci Stephenson

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Greg Stephenson

Greg & Traci Stephenson Missionary


Auckland, New Zealand

Greg and Traci have been serving in New Zealand since 2010. Greg is serving as the missionary pastor of Community Bible Church, Rodney. This is a strategic church plant with like-minded believers. It is the only church committed to our theology and practice within the Auckland region, New Zealand’s largest population center. In addition, Greg is coordinating a training ministry for Oceania. This will serve local churches across NZ, Australia, and the Pacific Islands.

From 2010–2016, Greg served at The Shepherd’s Bible College and Riverbend Bible Church in Hastings, NZ. Privileged to serve in NZ, Greg and Traci spent some twenty years in ministry in the US before launching into this mission. They have one son, Micah, who is hurling toward adulthood while finishing his schooling.

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Auckland, New Zealand