Christmas Concert FAQ

Who are the soloists?
Confirmed soloists at this time are Jubilant Sykes, Philip Webb, Grace Chung, John & Lisa Martin, Christian Ebner.

How much do the tickets cost?
There is no charge for our Christmas Concert tickets.  We give out free tickets to in order to distribute attendance over the five concerts, and to guarantee ticket holders a seat.  Therefore, you must specify which concert you wish to attend when you request tickets.

How do I get tickets?
There are three ways you can obtain concert tickets:
1. After each morning service on Sundays
2. From the Church Receptionist during the week (Monday through Friday, 8-5). You need to be present to pick up tickets and there is a limit of 14 tickets per concert.  Unfortunately, we cannot reserve them.
3. Sending in a large self-addressed, stamped envelope with a note saying how many tickets you will use and for which concert.  There is a limit of 14 tickets per concert.  Here is the address:
Concert Tickets
Grace Community Church
13248 Roscoe Blvd.
Sun Valley, CA 91352

How many tickets can I get?
Because of the large demand for Christmas Concert tickets, we ask that you take an exact head count instead of requesting “a bunch” of tickets.  Please do not give out tickets as publicity; we have a very attractive flyer available for that purpose.  Please see that the tickets you take are used, or return them to the church receptionist (in the main lobby).  That way, we will have tickets available for the people who want to attend the concert.

Can I reserve tickets or order online?
Unfortunately, we do not have a “Will Call” window, so you must come in person to pick up tickets, or mail in your request with a stamped envelope.  Since only a certain number of tickets are printed, we cannot do “print on demand” online or by email.

Is there a nursery available?
Yes, child care will be provided for children ages 5 years and younger.  We encourage you to use our nursery so there are no distractions during the concert.

Can I save seats for my friends/class/group/church?
Unfortunately, we cannot block off rows for groups, as it would not be fair to individuals who arrive early for good seating.  Our official policy is that there is no saving seats for general audience members.  Please arrive and enter the Worship Center together.  The earlier you arrive, the better chance you will be able as a group.  Therefore, we encourage you to be have your complete group present and in line before the doors open so you will able to enter the Worship Center together.

Which concerts are the most crowded?
The most popular concert is Saturday afternoon, followed by Sunday, Friday, Saturday night, and Thursday night, in this order.

Will the concert be live-streamed?
We do plan to live-stream the concert on Sunday, December 17 at 6:00 p.m. PST.  The link will be
Then, beginning the week after the concert you may view a rebroadcast on our concert page at

For answers to any questions not listed here, send an email to


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