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Ministry Partner: Daniel Arn

Turbenthal, Switzerland

Daniel and Susanna Arn

Daniel and Susanna were born in Zurich, Switzerland. Both came to Christ at a young age. While Susanna grew up in Switzerland and studied to become a nurse, Daniel grew up in Brazil on the mission field. In 2010, they got married in Switzerland and soon became parents of their two boys, David and Ruben. In 2012, Daniel and Susanna came in contact with the EBTC (European Bible Training Center) which is the European branch of TMAI (The Master’s Academy International). After completing the Bible survey year together, Daniel continued for two more years with the preacher’s institute. They realized they needed more training and the time was right to come to the US to attend the Master’s Seminary. The Arn family spent their first year in California at Grace Community Church serving in several capacities. They spent their second year at Faith Bible Church in Murrieta as interns, being trained to equip and train others. Later, their daughter, Jemina, was born in August 2017.

Despite being the home of the two reformers Calvin and Zwingli, Switzerland is in a post-reformation depression and the church environment is suffering under weak preaching and training. Daniel and Susanna’s hearts beat for the Swiss, and they have a strong desire to be available as instruments in the hands of God.

Description of Ministry:

  • To serve at the church plant Hoffnung und Licht, which was started in 2015 under the leadership of Martin Manten. This will involve teaching and preaching where needed, discipleship, and providing oversight over some of the church's ministries, especially music ministry. The main emphasis will be the development of a church-level training program for men, geared to disciple and equip the body of believers and identify godly men able to be part of the future generation of leaders.
  • To join the EBTC faculty in Zurich and serve in administrative areas. In the last 10 years, EBTC Zurich has commissioned over 500 graduates who now serve in several countries. One of their goals is to reach out to the graduates and establish fruitful relationships.

Short and Long-Term Ministry Goals:

  • Serve our home church.
  • Develop a music ministry program along with other programs.
  • Establish a training program in the local church to come alongside EBTC.
  • Train, disciple, and shepherd laymen for leadership and ministry.
  • Send out equipped men and their families to plant other churches in the country.
  • Establish a network of churches for the equipping of the saints who accurately preach the word of God.

You can help by both praying and partnering with us financially:

If the Lord places in your heart a desire to partner with us, through prayer and financial support, here is how:

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Turbenthal, Switzerland