George Sanders

George has been a lay elder for eighteen years. He currently serves in Anchored alongside Bill Shannon and Carl Hargrove, and he is actively involved in Grace Church’s Discipleship Counseling Ministry with Anna, his wife of forty years. He also serves on ECHO, and sits on the board of directors of The Master's University and Seminary. George currently works as a plastic surgeon.

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The Rose Called Forgiveness and Thorns that Stumble Us

George Sanders | Selected Scriptures | 7/21/2019

Sundays in July | Sundays in July 2019

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Discernment in an age of Dangourous Medical Myths

George Sanders | Selected Scriptures | 4/13/2019

Men of the Word

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How to Help Someone Who’s Afraid of What Their Doctor Just Told Them

George Sanders | Selected Scriptures | 7/1/2018

Sundays in July | Sundays in July 2018

Counseling People with a Medical Illnes

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Elders Q&A

Bill Shannon & George Sanders | Selected Scriptures | 9/24/2017


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Uppers, Downers, and All-Arounders: How Do Psych Meds Fit into a Christian Life?

George Sanders | Selected Scriptures | 7/9/2017

Sundays in July | Sundays in July 2017

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