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The Sovereignty of Salvation, Part 1

Steve Lawson | Romans 8:28-29 | 1/5/2020

Grace Community Church | Series: The Sovereignty of Salvation

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Real Religion, Part 3

Harry Walls | James 1:27 | 1/5/2020

Cornerstone | Series: James

Personal Purity

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Heartfelt Prayer

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Christ's Greatest Trophy

Tom Patton | Luke 23:39-43 | 12/29/2019

Grace Community Church

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La fe que no salva

Josiah Grauman | James 2:14-26 | 12/29/2019

Grace en Español

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Biblical Resolutions

Nate Youtzy | Selected Scriptures | 12/29/2019


An overview of individuals in Scripture who were resolved to be faithful to the Lord and His commandments.

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