Mike Riccardi

Mike Riccardi has served on staff since 2010. He currently serves as the Pastor of Local Outreach Ministries, which includes overseeing Fundamentals of the Faith classes, eight foreign language outreach Bible studies, and evangelism in nearby jails, rehab centers, and in the local neighborhood. Mike earned his B.A. in Italian and his M.Ed in Foreign Language from Rutgers University, and his M.Div. and Th.M. from The Master’s Seminary, where he is currently pursuing his PhD while teaching as a Faculty Associate in the Theology Department. He also has the privilege of serving alongside Phil Johnson as co-pastor of the GraceLife fellowship group at Grace Church. Mike and his wife, Janna, have two children.

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God and Evil

Mike Riccardi | Selected Scriptures | 7/1/2018

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Defending the Defenseless

On January 22, 1973—42 years ago this week—the Supreme Court issued the ruling that a child in the womb is not to be considered a human person. That infamous decision made the murder

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A Light to the Nations

In Isaiah 49, the people of God are given the privilege of eavesdropping on a conversation between the members of the Godhead. God the Father is commissioning God the Son to rescue

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Rescue Recovery

For several years Grace Church has worked alongside the Rescue Mission Alliance (RMA), a Christian nonprofit organization based in Oxnard

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The Fruit of Compassion

The Garcias had been facing very difficult times. Manny and Lita live in Los Angeles with their two children, and have struggled for a number of years to make ends meet

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Paid in Full

In Matthew 18:21–35, the Lord Jesus likened God’s gift of salvation to the forgiveness of a debt. A slave was called in to settle a debt with his king

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Ours to Proclaim

In a time when Israel was fraught with political instability and mired in moral bankruptcy, the Lord called the prophet Isaiah

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Delivering Hope

Jose had been facing difficult times. In this tough economy, it had become increasingly difficult for him to provide food for his wife and four young children. He was spending

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Committed to Compassion

“Never, never will we desist until we extinguish every trace of this bloody traffic, of which our posterity, looking back to the history

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Proclaiming His Excellencies

When the apostle Peter was seeking to describe what it means to be a Christian, he gave us insight into God’s motive for saving

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Demonstrating the Love of Christ

Mary is facing extremely hard times. She lives with her mother-in-law and cares for her three precious children. Her husband is unemployed

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A Father to the Fatherless

“ORPHAN.” What thoughts and images does that word conjure up in your imagination? For some, it may be a whimsical figure out of a Dickens novel

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E is for Outreach

One of the things I love most about Grace Church is that not only are we faithful to cross oceans to minister

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Unstained by the World

I’ve often wondered why James thought to include the part about keeping “oneself unstained by the world.”

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