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Parenting for Life lecture for Discipleship Counseling 2

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Finding Security in a Troubled World

John MacArthur | Selected Scriptures | 3/22/2020

Grace Community Church | Series: A Biblical Response to Current Events

The Macedonian Miracle, Part 3

Bill Shannon | Zechariah 9:11-17 | 3/22/2020


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Press On

Josh Petras | Philippians 3:12-17 | 3/18/2020

180 Ministry | Series: 180 Online

Discussion Questions
What have your days looked like during this season?
Have you experienced spiritual laziness? How has that impacted your walk with Christ?
What are practical ways to start “pressing on” in your life?
Paul talks about “forgetting what lies behind.” Are there things from the past that are hindering you from running? Past sins? Past successes? Past pursuits?
What are your spiritual goals for time?

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Sanctification, Part 1

Brad Klassen | Selected Scriptures | 3/18/2020

Men of the Word

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