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Jotham Kizza

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Ministry Partner: Jotham Kizza

Kampala, Uganda

Jotham Kizza

Jotham Kizza was raised by unbelieving parents and attended the Anglican Church throughout his early years. By God’s grace, he came to Christ and has sought to teach and study the Word faithfully ever since. Jotham completed his seminary training at The Master’s Seminary, and the Kizza family departed for Uganda in 2015 to plant a church in the town of Mukono (located nine miles from Kampala, Uganda’s capital city). Jotham and his wife, Rebecca, have three children—Joy, John Mark, and Joshua.

Ministry Goals

“Christianity is a mile wide in Africa, but an inch deep.”

This problem can only be solved by strategic teaching of the Word of God. This is what drives the goals and objectives of Community Bible Church—Mukono.

Our goal is to proclaim, honor, and serve the only true and holy Trinitarian God by preaching His Word, providing biblical leadership, and investing in His church through discipleship. In the short-term, we hope to strengthen our church plant by training leaders, fostering opportunities for evangelism, and establishing relationships with like-minded churches and denominations in Uganda. In the future, we hope to plant more biblical churches in other parts of the country and start a Bible school to train pastors.

Please join us in praying that God’s Word would shine through the darkness of religious culture in Africa, correcting the errors of prosperity gospel thinking and bringing glory to Christ through the faithful testimony of His servants.

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Kampala, Uganda