Dieter & Kristjana Borchmann

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Dieter Borchmann

Dieter & Kristjana Borchmann Missionary


Berlin, Germany

Dieter graduated from The Master's Seminary in May 2001. He and his wife, Kristjana, were sent out from Grace Community Church to Berlin, Germany in June 2001. They minister as church planters in the Bibelgemeinde Berlin.


  • To model a healthy church plant for future planters in Germany.
  • To equip national leaders for pastoral ministry.
  • To lead the church in evangelism.

Current Ministry:

  • Dieter serves as senior pastor in the Bibelgemeinde Berlin. He has been adapting Pastor John MacArthur's messages from Grace to You since 2008.
  • Kristjana serves in the home and ministers regularly in the church.

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Berlin, Germany