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Davis grew up in a gospel-preaching church in Lakeland, Florida. In high school, he had the opportunity to go on a short-term missions trip to the Bahamas. On one of the first days there, he was able to explain the gospel to a young boy in a park. This gave the gospel a greater meaning and significance in his own life, and it also showed him the importance and need of the gospel around the world. The Lord then started to prepare him for overseas ministry through his time at college. Afterwards, the Lord led him to attend The Master's Seminary, where he earned his degree in December 2010.

After seminary, Davis went on to complete his Master's of Applied Linguistics at The University of North Dakota in December 2012. That year, he also had the opportunity to do research in the M* language of C*. The language is not written down and is very little documented. There are no known believers among this unreached Muslim people group, and there are no other missionaries currently working with them. Davis was sent out through GMI in 2013 and has returned to this same people group in order to do Bible translation and church planting.


  • learn the *M language
  • develop an orthography and establish mother tongue literacy programs
  • translate Scripture into the *M language
  • plant churches among the *M people

Current Ministry:

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