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John MacArthur is the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church, as well as an author, conference speaker, chancellor of The Master's University and Seminary, and featured teacher with the Grace to You media ministry.

In 1969, after graduating from Talbot Theological Seminary, John came to Grace Community Church. The emphasis of his pulpit ministry is the careful study and verse-by-verse exposition of the Bible, with special attention devoted to the historical and grammatical background behind each passage. Under John's leadership, Grace Community Church's two morning worship services fill the 3,500-seat auditorium to capacity. Several thousand members participate every week in dozens of fellowship groups and training programs, most led by lay leaders and each dedicated to equipping members for ministry on local, national, and international levels.

In 1985, John became president of The Master's University (formerly Los Angeles Baptist College), an accredited, four-year liberal arts Christian college in Santa Clarita, California. In 1986, John founded The Master's Seminary, a graduate school dedicated to training men for full-time pastoral roles and missionary work.

John is also president and featured teacher with Grace to You. Founded in 1969, Grace to You is the nonprofit organization responsible for developing, producing, and distributing John's books, audio resources, and the “Grace to You” radio and television programs. “Grace to You” radio airs more than 1,000 times daily throughout the English-speaking world, reaching major population centers on every continent of the world. It also airs nearly 1,000 times daily in Spanish, reaching 23 countries from Europe to Latin America. “Grace to You” television airs weekly on DirecTV in the United States, and is available for free on the Internet worldwide. All of John's 3,000 sermons, spanning more than four decades of ministry, are available for free on the Grace to You website.

Since completing his first best-selling book The Gospel According to Jesus in 1988, John has written nearly 400 books and study guides, including Our Sufficiency in ChristStrange FireAshamed of the GospelThe Murder of JesusA Tale of Two SonsTwelve Ordinary MenThe Truth War, The Jesus You Can't Ignore, Slave, One Perfect Lifeand The MacArthur New Testament Commentary series. John's titles have been translated into more than two dozen languages. The MacArthur Study Bible, the cornerstone resource of his ministry, is available in English (NKJ, NAS, and ESV), Spanish, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, and Chinese.

John and his wife, Patricia, live in Southern California and have four married children: Matt, Marcy, Mark, and Melinda. They also enjoy the enthusiastic company of their fifteen grandchildren.

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John MacArthur | Selected Scriptures | 10/29/2023

Grace en Español

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John MacArthur | Selected Scriptures | 10/29/2023

Grace Pulpit

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Message The Lord’s Indictment of Unfaithful Churches
John MacArthur • Revelation 2–3.

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Celebrating Fifty Years of Faithfulness

On February 10, 2019, Grace Community Church celebrated John MacArthur’s fiftieth anniversary as their pastor.

Grace Community Church

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The Power of Integrity

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Divine Design

God's Complementary Roles for Men and Women by John MacArthur • For decades culture has blurred the lines between men and women...

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What the Bible Says About Parenting

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The Ultimate Priority by John MacArthur • Worship is so much more than what is sung or played in church on Sunday morning.

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Teología sistemática

Un estudio profundo de la doctrina bíblica por John MacArthur • La doctrina no es solo para los teólogos...

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The Gospel According to Jesus

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Anxious for Nothing

God's Cure for the Cares of Your Soul by John MacArthur • As Christians, we're certainly not immune to the troubles of life.


God's High Calling for Women

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Think Biblically!

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Why I Signed the Frankfurt Declaration

Christ declared, “My kingdom is not of this world... My kingdom is not of this realm.” (John 18:36). Far from setting Himself up as a rival to Caesar, He was saying that the church belongs to a different, higher realm than any earthly government...

Grace Community Church

An Open Letter to Governor Gavin Newsom

Read Pastor John’s open letter to Governor Gavin Newsom, in response to billboard advertisements placed across the country by Newsom’s campaign shamelessly misquoting Mark 12:31 in support of abortion.

Grace Community Church

The Master's Plan for the Church

by John Macarthur • Christ never intended church leadership to be earned by seniority...

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