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Kiev, Ukraine

Bruce was raised in a Mormon family in Southern California. He was saved after a Christian shared the true gospel with his mother, and she believed and then shared it with him. Bruce graduated from the University of Southern California, The Master's Seminary, and Dallas Theological Seminary. He met Aimee, the love of his life, at a Trader Joe's market. They have been serving the Lord in Ukraine since 1992 and have three grown children (Steve, A.J. and Shelby).

Bruce's main ministry is training and mentoring pastors. He also teaches and serves in their church in various capacities. Aimee concentrates on being a worker at home and helping Bruce. She also loves to serve informally within the church body.


  • To spend a whole lot more time praying.
  • To equip national pastors to accurately preach the Word and be effective church leaders in Ukraine.
  • To develop seminary graduates and missionaries who will plant churches and Bible training schools wherever the Lord sends them.

Items for which we would appreciate prayer:

1) That God would bring faithful men who desire to serve the church to study in our new Bachelor's program where I teach at Grace Bible Seminary (new training institution). Covid and other factors have contributed to less than usual students so far.

2) The healing and salvation of Bruce's step-mom.

So grateful for answered prayers!

My brother heard the gospel once again before he died, our daughter can still move into her dorm at California Baptist University (so far!), our son can live with his great grandpa, and the Lord provided WONDERFUL summer jobs for them.
Indebted to you for your prayers,

Bruce and Aimee Alvord

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Kiev, Ukraine