When does choir meet?

Sundays at 4:45-5:55, prior to Adventure Club and the evening service.

Do I need to be a member for my child(ren) to participate?


Does my child have to attend Sunday school and/or Adventure Club to participate in choir?

One or both is preferred.

What kind of obligations do we commit to by singing in the choir?

The Youth and Juniors choirs have periodic opportunities to serve on Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings, in the main services and fellowship groups. Specific dates will be emailed upon joining the choir and may be added through the course of the year. Please inform the director with as much advance notice if you have a date conflict.

Do I have to audition to be in Juniors choir?

The Juniors choir is non-auditioned. The Juniors Concert Choir (for Thanksgiving and Christmas) will be auditioned from those children who participate in the Juniors choir in September.

Do I have to audition to be in Youth choir?

Yes! Auditions will be held mid-September.

Am I allowed to miss children’s choir rehearsal?

A child must participate in a minimum of three rehearsals just prior to any singing opportunity. Any absences must be discussed with the children’s choir director/conductor, preferably with ​at least 24-hour notice.

Who do I contact for more information about the choirs?

Kellie Cunningham at childrenschoir@gracechurch.org.