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After coordinating and overseeing our Sunday services, concerts, and special events for 41 years, Clayton retired from his role as Minister of Music at Grace Community Church in Fall 2020. He began his music ministry in his teen years, serving as pianist and organist for Bible conferences, radio and television programs, and traveling musical groups. After concluding his traveling ministry, he became minister of music at Gilead Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan; First Baptist Church of Eugene, Oregon (with John MacArthur’s father, Dr. Jack MacArthur); and Westminster Chapel in Bellevue, Washington. Clayton's musical skills include choral conducting, composing, arranging, playing keyboard, and vocal coaching. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania and took private instruction in music at Temple University and King's College, Briarcliff, New York.

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Dr. Clayton Erb shares his personal testimony, insights from a lifetime of music ministry, and reflections on more than four decades at Grace Community Church.

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Clayton Erb & Andrew Curry | Selected Scriptures | 10/2/2013

XCHANGE | Series: Questions and Answers

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The remarkable longevity of Clayton’s staff and musicians—some of whom have been with him for all four decades—is a testament to his faithful direction and effective leadership...

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