Leadership Music Ministry

Clayton Erb

Minister of Music

Clayton coordinates and oversees our Sunday services, concerts, and special events. He began his music ministry in his teen years, serving as pianist and organist for Bible conferences, radio and television programs, and traveling musical groups. After concluding his traveling ministry, he became minister of music at Gilead Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan; First Baptist Church of Eugene, Oregon (with John MacArthur’s father, Dr. Jack MacArthur); and Westminster Chapel in Bellevue, Washington. Clayton's musical skills include choral conducting, composing, arranging, playing keyboard, and vocal coaching. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania and took private instruction in music at Temple University and King's College, Briarcliff, New York.

Bill Brandenstein

Assistant Minister of Music and Worship

Dr. Brandenstein is the Assistant Minister of Music and Worship. He leads the praise services on Sunday evenings. He also records, edits, and mixes the music for CDs, DVDs, and other projects. Bill joined the Grace Church music ministry in 2000.

Mark Rice

Assistant to the Minister of Music

Mark is the assistant to the Minister of Music and Worship. He writes most of the instrumental arrangements used during our Sunday worship services and concerts, and is one of our church pianists. Mark joined the staff in 1984.

Stephen Sturz


Stephen has been the organist at Grace Church for almost 40 years. He has recorded a CD, "Pavilioned in Splendor" which, although out of print, we hope to reissue or make available for download.