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Cainta, Philippines

With over a third of its population living below the poverty line, hunger is a serious threat in the Philippines. But an even greater danger lurks: spiritual starvation. In a country whose roots in Catholicism and Islam go back centuries, and where indigenous cults like Iglesia-Ni-Kristo are expanding globally, many evangelical pastors are inadequately trained to teach and preach the Word of God. Pastors are to equip the saints for the work of service. But when pastors themselves are ill-equipped for ministry due to a lack of training, congregations suffer and become vulnerable to various winds of doctrine and trickeries of men. The body of Christ becomes malnourished, starving for spiritual sustenance that is possible only through the clear and accurate preaching of the Word of God. This is the situation of the church in the Philippines. The body of Christ is starving for the Word of God.


Train Local Pastors and Church Leaders

Crucial for the health of the church are trained pastors who can equip others. This is the heartbeat of The Expositor's Academy (TEA) in the Philippines. As a member of The Master's Academy International association of training ministries, TEA is dedicated to training ministers of God to develop the tools necessary to accurately interpret, obey, teach, and preach the Word of God to His people while also establishing discipleship relationships with them. The response to TEA has been overwhelming. The demand for training is more than what TEA can currently supply. Having graduated from the Master's Seminary and having taught on both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the areas of New Testament and Preaching, God has uniquely equipped Vincent to help meet this crucial need. The body of Christ in the Philippines is starving for expository preaching. God has equipped and given us the desire to help. But we need like-minded individuals and churches to come alongside us in this ministry.

Current Ministry:

Having been commissioned by Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church, we have now relocated to the Philippines and joined the ministry of The Expositor's Academy. We need individuals and churches who share the vision and passion for building up our Lord's church in the Philippines through training local pastors. Will you prayerfully consider partnering with us in this ministry?

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Cainta, Philippines