Rodney Andersen

Rodney Andersen grew up at Grace Community Church and began serving in youth ministry after completing high school. After working as an engineer for many years, Rodney enrolled in The Master’s Seminary to pursue serving as a missionary. Upon graduation in 2012, he and his family were sent by Grace Church to serve as missionaries in China until 2018 when he was called to return to Grace Church to train new missionaries. Rodney currently serves as the director of Grace Ministries International (GMI), the international missions department of Grace Church, and co-pastor of the Mainstream fellowship group. Rodney and his wife, Glenna, have two children.

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Rodney Andersen & Brad Klassen | Selected Scriptures | 5/29/2022


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The Lie: You Do You

Rodney Andersen | Selected Scriptures | 4/3/2022

Commissioned | Series: Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!

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Follow Your Heart, Part 3

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