Chris Burnett

Chris was born in Los Angeles, California, where his parents attended Grace Church, but spent his childhood years in Arlington, Texas before returning to Los Angeles. He studied Physiological Sciences at UCLA, then at the Italian Evangelical Bible Institute in Rome, Italy, where he met his wife Erma, a native of Italy. He served for seven years as a church planter in Italy and the Republic of San Marino before coming to The Master’s Seminary (TMS) to receive his M.Div., Th.M., and Ph.D., with a focus on theology and missiology. Chris is a Faculty Associate at TMS, teaching research, writing, pedagogy, and missions. He also serves as the Associate Director of Academics for The Master’s Academy International (TMAI), focusing on curriculum design and excellence in pastoral training in nearly twenty member schools across the world. Chris preaches and teaches in the Sojourners fellowship group at Grace Community Church and is active in music ministry there. Chris and Erma have three boys (Davide, Ean, and Luca).

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Vision Two: God Breaks Many to Build One

Chris Burnett | Zechariah 1:18–21 | 8/28/2022

Sojourners | Series: Zechariah

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