Chris Hamilton

Chris grew up at Grace Community Church and, for most of his life, he has been part of youth ministry—either as a student, or serving as volunteer staff in Junior High, High School, and College ministries. He graduated from California State University, Northridge in 1985, and is a practicing CPA in the area of forensic accounting. Chris and his wife, Ann, met in 1986 while both were involved in ministry in Crossroads, and they were married in 1988. Chris and Ann have three grown daughters and three grandchildren.

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Stewardship of Money

Chris Hamilton | Selected Scriptures | 10/28/2022

Foundation | Series: Stewardship

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The financial headlines of the day make managing money seem impossible and uncertain. We will look at the simple truths in the Bible and make application of that wisdom to your daily handling of money.

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Parenting in a culture that is hostile to both our children and biblical truth is a challenge. This session will encourage parents and equip them to address the difficult parenting issues that often arise in the midst of an antagonistic culture.

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Life is full of decisions, and we make those decisions in light of the providence and imperatives of God. This seminar will explore biblical instructions about how to make decisions and how to think about past decisions.

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