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Mike Riccardi serves as the Pastor of Local Outreach Ministries at Grace Community Church, which includes overseeing Fundamentals of the Faith classes, eight foreign language outreach Bible studies, and evangelism in nearby jails, rehab centers, and in the local neighborhood. Mike earned his BA in Italian and his MEd in Foreign Language from Rutgers University, and his MDiv, ThM, and PhD from The Master’s Seminary, where he also serves as Assistant Professor of Theology. He has the privilege of serving alongside Phil Johnson as co-pastor of the GraceLife fellowship group at Grace Church. Mike and his wife, Janna, have two sons and one daughter.

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Standing in the stream of the Reformation, we believe the Bible teaches a particular redemption—the controversial doctrine that Jesus atoned for the sins of only God’s elect people and not all people without exception. But how do we reconcile such a teaching with the many passages that speak of Christ’s death for “all” and for the “world”? This seminar answers that key question biblically, and in so doing strengthens our confidence in the perfection of the redemption our Savior accomplished for us.

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A Roadmap to Pilgrim's Progress

A series of devotional studies from Mike Riccardi pulled from Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan.