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Jon has been a lay elder with Student Ministries since 2004, where he supports the pastor and disciples staff and students. He is a medical doctor by profession and helps oversee and advise the church medical ministry. Jon is also active in the Elders’ Council Handling Outreach (ECHO), encouraging and supporting our missionaries. He and his wife, Cammy, have two grown children and one grandchild.

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XChange Q&A

Jay Lennington & Jon Scott & Leah Lennington & Cammy Scott | Selected Scriptures | 1/2/2022


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Aging Gracefully

Jon Scott | Selected Scriptures | 7/25/2021

Sundays in July | Sundays in July 2021

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Q & A, Part 2

Ryan Bennett & Josh Petras & Vilo Del Rio & Jon Scott | Selected Scriptures | 1/31/2021

180 Ministry

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Spiritual Gifts and the Body of Christ

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