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Berlin, Germany

Guten Tag from Berlin! We are in awe that God would choose to use us in a foreign land. God is faithful has brought us through much to bring us here. Jeff completed his bachelors in Construction Technology Engineering (a management degree for construction). After working in this field several years Jeff determined that God desired him to invest in people versus projects. Jeff and Kristen met in Chicago while in graduate school and soon realized the need for further training in expository preaching and expository counseling at the Master’s University and Seminary. After moving to California, Jeff completed his MABC (The Master's University) and MDiv (The Master’s Seminary).

Jeff is also ACBC certified as a biblical counselor and desires to train men and women in the church and classroom. Jeff is currently serving EBTC as the Director of the MDIV program. He enjoys serving other European TMAIs as they look to train men in the MDIV. It is Jeff’s desire to also help ACBC bring certification for Biblical Counseling to Europe.

Kristen is a Labor & Delivery R.N. and has been on ‘pause’ of sorts since their first son was born. She is now a full-time mommy and homemaker. Kristen loves to teach the boys and enjoys meeting gals and encouraging them in the Word of God. She is working on her ACBC certification and desires to minister God’s Word to the gals in the church.

God has blessed us with four precious gifts in Dietrich (August 2012), Silas (November 2013), Micaiah (November 2016), and Josiah (November 2018).

Ministry Description

We are in the process of joining a church plant here on the East side of Berlin called Leuchttrum. This church plant recently launched and is already in transition to a new location that will better serve our fast growing body of Christ with more space and rooms. We are excited the opportunities for us to grow and help others grow in God’s Word trusting His sufficiency for us through His Word as we live life together.

Additionally, one of Jeff’s passions are to teach & train others in the classroom. He currently has the opportunity to help as the director of the MDIV program and anticipates teaching opportunities in the near future. There are approximately 30 students from 17 countries in this fast growing English only program. EBTC (European Bible Training Center) is the first TMAI training center location in Europe and has become the central training location for the MDIV program as other TMAI locations send men to be trained the MDIV program here in Berlin. Jeff is also motivated to help ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) establish certification of Biblical Counselors in Europe.

Significant Priority

Currently, our top priority is to acquire the language and to become more familiar with the culture. We are blessed to be able to get to know our neighbors and a hand full of families at the local public school from Dietrich’s and Silas’ classes. Our church family has been a great help and blessing as we continue to settle in. Our God is a gracious and kind God!

Germany Numbers

  • 2.13% Evangelical (google includes Lutheran and Catholic reporting much higher)
  • 85% the size of California with twice the population
  • Population of 82 million
  • Largest Turkish population outside of Turkey is reported to be in Berlin (over 100,000)
  • At the top of most surveys for the most atheism

Please Pray With Us...

  1. For the Gospel to change the lives of many for the glory of Christ and that many would turn and worship Him.
  2. For the small body of believers in our local church to continue to flourish.
  3. For our diligence and perseverance in learning the language for increased usefulness in this culture.
  4. For God’s continued strength, comfort, and healing as He sees fit for Kristen’s neck and back as she is still in pain from day to day from her whiplash injury a few years ago.
  5. For courageous boys (to become courageous men) and for them to be found in Christ and serving Him.

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Berlin, Germany