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  • Sundays in July

What did America’s key founders believe about God, the Bible, and Christianity, and how did that influence America’s founding documents? This seminar will examine what they believed in their own words and why it matters today.

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When it comes to a life of strength with meekness, boldness with gentleness, and conviction with grace, Jesus Christ is the premier example. This seminar examines the exceptional life of J.C. Ryle, a man who knew and followed Jesus Christ in such a way that his own life began to closely resemble our Lord’s.

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More often than we would like to think, throughout history the church has had to meet secretly. In that context, believers have had to learn crucial principles and lessons that Christians today would do well to know.

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God’s immutable essence is the very foundation of our trust in Him. If God is not unchanging, like a rock, then He cannot act as our fortress in times of turmoil. But if God is a God who does not change, then we have every reassurance that we can run to Him when the whole earth has given way under our feet.

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There are many admonitions in Scripture for us as believers concerning our duties toward one another in the church. In this seminar, we will discuss a number of these responsibilities, with an emphasis on how to apply them, so that all in our church would be edified and Christ would be exalted.

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As believers, we are not to allow our thinking to be taken captive by philosophy and empty deception. One of the most prevalent deceptive philosophies in our current culture is that of the victim mentality. This seminar discusses the biblical truth that defends against this dangerous mindset.

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In Isaiah 6, Isaiah discovered that all the intellectual prowess in the world could not reach God—rather, God reveals Himself through your worship of Him. This involves not only diligent Bible study, but a worshipful prayer life fueled by the memorization of His beautiful and powerful Word.

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This seminar will continue the study began last week, as we learn not only of what God says we are, but also of the glory and responsibility we have of being created as bearers of His image.

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