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God’s immutable essence is the very foundation of our trust in Him. If God is not unchanging, like a rock, then He cannot act as our fortress in times of turmoil. But if God is a God who does not change, then we have every reassurance that we can run to Him when the whole earth has given way under our feet.

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Faithful Is He, Part 1

Brad Klassen | 1 Thessalonians 5:23–28 | 6/5/2022

Commissioned | Series: Exposition of 1 Thessalonians

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What Makes God, God?

Abner Chou | Exodus 3:14 | 5/29/2022

Grace Pulpit

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The Divine Dilemma

Paul Washer | Selected Scriptures | 5/8/2022

Joint Heirs

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Fear will erase fear

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The God of The Bible

Joe Zhakevich | Selected Scriptures | 2/20/2022


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God's Immutability

Karen Cowhick | Selected Scriptures | 11/8/2021

Joint Heirs T.E.A.

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Life is transitory but God is eternal...

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Knowing Yahweh

Jonny Ardavanis | Exodus 3 | 10/24/2021


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